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How Chemicals Used in Beauty Products May Be About to Change
Are these products going to get safer? (iStock/Yahoo Beauty)
If your assumption is that some governmental regulatory body deemed your favorite lipstick and moisturizer safe to use, you are sadly mistaken — but you’re not alone.
The majority of Americans, according to just-released survey results from the Environmental Working Group (EWG), believe that at least some of the chemicals used in personal care products have been cleared for safety by the government — when, in fact, there is barely any regulation of the $60 billion-a-year makeup and skin products industry.
Source: Yahoo Website

67% of People Believe This About Their Beauty Products (But They Are Wrong)
It’s an election year, which means people are paying more attention than usual to the government’s role in their lives. But even though beauty isn’t exactly the most hotly debated topic among politicians, it turns out that when it comes to the safety of products, voters generally want the government involved—and overwhelmingly believe that regulatory agencies should step in.
Source: Mewbeauty Website

French consumer group warns on potential risks of beauty products
Some creams, shampoos, after-shaves and toothpastes made by groups such as L'Oreal and Procter & Gamble, may contain potentially harmful substances, according to a study by French consumer protection group UFC-QueChoisir.
UFC-QueChoisir on Monday published a list of 185 products it said contained substances that were legal, but could cause allergies, irritations or endocrinal disorders.
Source: Reuters Website

5 Places You Should Never Store Your Beauty Products
Let’s be honest, your beauty products are everywhere–on the sink, in five different purses and rolling around the backseat of your car. We’re not here to tell you how to organize them or how to make them look pretty. (We already did that.) We’re here with a friendly PSA on the places to avoid storing your makeup so it doesn’t melt or mold.
That extra sunlight is doing no favors for your cosmetics–nor is the drafty air that inevitably seeps in through the cracks. The constant flux in temps causes emulsions like lotions and creams to separate over time.
Source: Soundslikenashville Website

The Game-Changing Product Missing From Your Hair Routine
We know what you’re thinking: Another step to add to our already laborious beauty regimens? But if gorgeous, healthy hair is what you’re after, consider a pre-shampoo treatment your new necessity.
These products can do it all, from priming your tresses before coloring to hydrating heat-damaged strands and even protecting your hair from other products.

Source: Refinery29 Website